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Thoughts from a Young Man: Cartoon Parents

Our culture has turned from the Christian method of educating children in matters or morals. We make books and videos and tv shows which have extracted from the gospel the morals that are learned. The ways and manners that mark goodness in Christ without the reforming power of the cross. We wonder why it is that our youth have problems and low self confidence. It is quite simple; they have been told to be what they are completely unable to become. They have been told to live in a manner in which they are completely unable. Caillou’s good morals, not to mention wholly impossibly good parents, don’t exists. We offer our children lies. They don’t see the love of the Bertstien Bears in their own parents. The messages have no root, no source of power except this is what you should be. When they are not they become depressed. We offer them lies about who they are and what they can be and are surprised when they turn out broken.
We need not to tell our children that they should share and if they try hard enough they will. We need to tell them that they should love others, not because they are good people deserving of love, because we all are sinners in need of grace; just like our children. The gospel must enter our parenting. It is rather cruel to tell our children to be what they are not, what they cannot be, without telling them about the source of life, the grace of God, Christ who WILL make them like Christ. To create outward conformity without any inward root is not more than cleaning the outside of the cup.
Do we give our children false expectations of who we are as parents through the tv we let them watch? Do we allow them to be immersed in programs that tell them to be what they cannot be with out Christ? Are we telling them about Christ?
I did not address this above but thinking wise what does the tv we give our children do to their minds? Is thought provoking or entertainment driven? In our house we love Dora and disdain Sponge Bob (the show is simply mindless; I feel stupid after watching it). Caillluo has been rising consumption but because of the above I am reconsidering this. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse makes the cut for our three year but Teletubbies is a no no. What do you think?


Thoughts from a Young Man: Democracy and Godliness

Democracy is not a godly institution; Kingship is.
Do not think christian that you are living under a gift called democracy. Your government is called a Monarchy The Christ is your King!
Democracy does not promote Godliness. It is NOT A primary or particularly good reflection of God’s design (the argument could be made that it reflects the priesthood of the believer but that misses important points) for Rule by a powerful perfect, holy, loving King. We have a marred view of this because earthly kings, sinners like us all, have been notoriously villainous, like us who don’t have a stage to be seen as they do, therefore the institution is said to be wicked. Democracy is the same, we simply choose to ignore the fact that the masses oppress the a minority who chooses to not adhere to their agenda.
Democracy is not an evil form of government, government God’s way is good he designed and ordains it, but the people who comprise the government are wicked. When wickedness gets together it will follow its master, Satan the father of death, and oppress every demonstration of the goodness of God. Look at China. Children are oppressed but greed is encouraged, it pleases the masses, Christianity (and most religions) is persecuted violently while cults of fashion, godless science (not all science seeks to defame and blaspheme God just what is accepted), education, all forms of self-glorification are permitted (so long as you are the right people), freedom of thought and thinking is limited to those who follow the party platform. Yes this is an oppressive oligarchical Dictatorship so it is not American Democracy but all men are sinners.
Now look at American Democracy
Mothers have the right to sacrifice children to the Molech of our day, SELF it is called freedom of choice which is not given to those children.
QUICKLY the right to speak and believe is being hijacked by those who have a political agenda and don’t like yours. Law firms, private businesses, are being beaten into conformity to the political agenda of a movement that seeks to legalize oppression and persecution of those who speak of marriage as being that of a man and a woman and no other combination. Saying homosexuality is wrong is already considered hate speech and is punished by the legal system in some Scandinavian countries.
Your privacy, purity, modesty, are being stripped from your hands by a government set on physical and mental humiliation in the name of farcical security in airports. Young children are being molested, women and men sexually harassed. Fear and intimidation are used to ensure conformity. The tool of these? Judicial punishment.
These are societal shifts that demonstrate the increasing use of democracy as a tool of oppression and conformity.
Do not be surprised. Sinful men created a system to protect, their sinful passions, from other sinful men. On that account I heartily agree with C.S. Lewis’ assessment of the value of democracy:

I am a democrat [proponent of democracy] because I believe in the Fall of Man.

I think most people are democrats for the opposite reason. A great deal of democratic enthusiasm descends from the ideas of people like Rousseau, who believed in democracy because they thought mankind so wise and good that every one deserved a share in the government.

The danger of defending democracy on those grounds is that they’re not true And whenever their weakness is exposed, the people who prefer tyranny make capital out of the exposure. I find that they’re not true without looking further than myself. I don’t deserve a share in governing a hen-roost. Much less a nation Nor do most people – all the people who believe advertisements, and think in catchwords and spread rumours.

The real reason for democracy is just the reverse. Mankind is so fallen that no man can be trusted with unchecked power over his fellows. Aristotle said that some people were only fit to be slaves. I do not contradict him. But I reject slavery because I see no men fit to be masters.

But we must accept that our founding fathers, the politicos not the godly men who established the foundations b this I mean the Puritans, didn’t ask God for a system but used his name to lend credence to their creation not his. His government is a Kingship not of this earth but of heaven. Should we promote democracy? We have but few days to speak so let us speak of gospel that saves, the gospel of grace. This gospel is the gospel that changes the corrupted, sinful men who use and government as a tool of oppression. It changes those who elect leaders who will oppress those they are commanded by God to serve for His glory. It is the gospel that changes you and I so we can bear unfair treatment through the active seeking of Grave for the glory of The Christ that we may know him more and that he would demonstrate his greatness through earthen jars.