I am a husband, a father, and a teacher. Some call me Kyle others call me 柏凱. I live in Taichung, Taiwan with my wife Jenny and daughter Amanda. I am an avid reader and I like thinking. I love to share the gospel. I find it a joy and a blessing just to speak about Christ. That is his gift to me. I am not a scholar nor a grammarian (I don’t care much about grammar which makes things confusing) but I enjoy sharing my thoughts.

Why write? Well, from time to time I like to write down my thoughts for any possible edification they may bring. I write under the title “Thoughts from a Young Man”. Don’t confuse the title with J.C. Ryle’s Thoughts for Young Men,  a profitable and sagacious volume, which, I highly recommend. Being a young man who enjoys thinking and sharing the results I realize, I am still young and have much to live out. While I strive for a solid theological grounding in my beliefs they are not truly mine until they are walked in and lived out. As I am striving for maturity what I believe will be molded by increased faith. In time, Lord willing, I maybe able to offer advice as a sage but for now I am simply a youth on a path to glory. From time-to-time I will let you know what I see.

  1. I love how we both have the same name, and that my family is from Taipei, Taiwan. =) I’ll be checking back here often ^^


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