Thoughts From a Young Man: Sanctification and Loving Jesus Part 1

The greatest weapon in the fight against sin is an ardent love affair with King Jesus!
I don’t mean the wishy-washy, squishy stuff that passes for “love” while speaking about self which can be found in most modern “worship” music. What I am speaking of is soul burning intoxicating passionate love with the King of all creation, Jesus!Think, the drunk never passes up an opportunity to have another drink, if it can be allowed. Indeed, the alcoholic looks for every opportunity to do so and will create a reason, say a saints birth or even Jesus’, to have a drink. He certainly doesn’t was his resources on “cheap” thrills. Why do we?So, why do we allow these cheap thrills to hinder us from our fellowship with the King? We don’t stop sinning because we love our sin. We love those cheap thrills, they cost so little and Christ costs so much, as God he would know! It is only when Christ, and his fellowship, become so infinitely valuable to you, that, you begin to long to tarry with the lover of souls, the giver of life, and the treasure of your heart. Temptation will come and you will wonder why you would ever sodden that fellowship with filthy rags? Thus, your sins will become to you as Jeremiah illustrated them.
You want freedom from sin? Cultivate love with the lover of your soul! Read His word. Seek him in prayer; pull the heavens to earth if need be! In these, Christ will become more precious to you than your sin! Then, you won’t defeat sin…no, you won’t get victory; it is merely a by-product.  You will get Christ! He is more precious than victory!
If you think you hear something of Ravenhill in there I give him the credit. I am not sure if he spoke thus and I have heard it but I have been reading him of late and his manner is rather…..suitable and effective.

  1. I find this post very convicting, even after hearing this concept several times. Thanks for posting it =)

    Bro in Christ,

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