Thoughts from a Young Man: A Lament

A lament at the darkness of death at work in our land!

Many years those doors stood shut
In those years heavenly grace withdrew
These years few know for we are new
We rise grace poured out a year ago

God heard the cry of the godly for this branch
He poured out from widows in heaven
Life giving branch-building life
those doors so many years now shut
Began to open, open wide with life and love

Again this branch began to praise her vine
New shoots are showing and fruit they are bearing
This work of God is not unhindered though
Testing flames and tempting powers never leave the saints to rest

We hang here with nothing we can do
But kneel and wait for blessings anew
Many words we can use but life they do not give
Scriptures ignored God’s word abhorred
In sovereign grace alone we can trust.

Why my Lord is grace removed?
These doors again are shut and closed a useless fire kindled within
Satan’s handiwork penned on paper pasted to those white portals
Oh Lord, your work, your hand has borne us thus far why now why this?
Will not your hand carry on?

The storm clouds dark and the days seem long.
How long will it carry on?
Yet this we know and see, you our God and King
dead and buried in the ground three days

To those eleven sons by choice
Hope seemed lost and gone and done
Any empty tomb proclaimed aloud
Hope and love and life have won!
You triumphed over deaths dark arrows and rose to life again.

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