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Thoughts From a Young Man: An EMERGENT thought (Just One)

I have looked very little at the Emergent Church. It is not a polarizing issue here in Taiwan. I saw a short interview yesterday about the EC view of doctrine, actually it is the general apathy toward doctrine that concerns me. Concerning is the fact that there is a church movement that embraces a standardless position on doctrine as the NORM. I am beginning to see this anti-fixed-doctrine problem as really dangerous. Here is why.

Doctrine is a systematic or otherwise organized understanding of God and his relationship with us.

We cannot CUT OUT doctrine. we must have some ground to stand on some understanding of God! We will never have a complete understanding but we will grow in understanding.

THink this way. If you are married and no nothing of your wife how will the relationship go. Not well. If you are constantly forgetting what she likes and doesn’t like you wanting to please her might get wise and write it down. As you grow closer you learn better what she does and doesn’t like, how she acts what makes her happy what makes her said, how see feels about you, what she loves doing to help you, how she walks, talks, what indicates a change in emotion, what will start her anger, when she feels slighted by you; that is “doctrine” concerning your wife.##

So to cut off this, “doctrine” would be to face your wife as if you are suffering from amnesia. and you would have to re-acquire this knowledge. You would have to learn many facts (truths, the bible), you would have to try out that understanding (experiential). Imagine how difficult that would be? Then say one day you come upon a book you don’t remember, the book written before your amnesia, but inside seems to have lots of information about your wife that seems to work with what you are learning. If you read it and study it is it true to you? Not yet it because this “new” knowledge” doesn’t create relationship. You must go out an live it.

So it is with our God. Many men and women have gone before, Godly ones and not so godly ones, and they have left many many volumes that we can read and study. Like who our wife is we don’t get to determine who our God is. We must take those volumes and compare them to the God of the scriptures, to they match with the written word the (truths), this is most important. Then does the teaching in these books lead us to trust God or the books? Does the teaching send us back to the Bible? Does the teaching send us to God in a way that agrees with the word of God? Does the Spirit lead us and confirm the paths we are walking in? Does the teaching prove to be of costly stones or chaff amidst trials? That is how we see a teachers value and thus the value of his lessons. (1 Corinthians 3:10-15)

## Anyone who knows me, KNOWS, this is a great failing for me. This is example is not a declaration that “I have it figured out”. I need to devote mor time to loving my wife and getting to know her.